Meet Eye Doctor Terry Khraishi


” At Optica Optometry, we believe that everyone deserves a great pair of glasses at an affordable price. We strives to provide patients with great quality care and quality products.”

– Dr. Terry Khraishi

We are a multifaceted practice that caters to the community of Paramount with the intent of providing the highest quality of eye care to your patients. We have a friendly and very experienced staff that is extremely knowledgeable  when it comes to fitting the right spectacles to the right person.  Our practice specializes in : General Optometry, Pediatric Optometry, Contact lens ( soft and gas permeable/ Keratconus fits), consultation and treatment of Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinal Evaluations, Foreign Body removal, Dry Eye Therapies (including punctual plugs), LASIK screenings, and cataract consultation. I am personally glaucoma certified and on staff at the Retina Macula Institute in Torrance which allows your patients instant accessibility to some of  California’s best retinal specialists with same day appointments in the case of emergency scenarios that may occur during their visit with us. In addition, we have direct and VIP appointment lines with over 5 ophthalmologist with various specialties in the area. We also work alongside the patients to ensure they get the best possible results with their glasses and examinations. Our social media reviews speak for themselves and no other optometrist in the area has higher YELP reviews other than our establishment.